Our Industry produces and offers the flexible designs and superior quality our polyurethane upper and side shock absorbers. There are two shock absorber designs in use today. The two-tube design and the mono-tube design. The upper mount of the shock absorber connects to the vehicle frame. This upper mount is called the piston rod, and at the bottom is the piston. Upper shock absorbers prevent any stroke to the main and other parts. In the cars and automative machines and parts, shock absorbers are too important and needed. Conventional shocks, suspension , compress etc of a car are required upper shock absorbers everytime. Their replacement, mounting, getting off and installing processes are required. Many shocks are mounted on studs, and we've even seen those where the shock upper mount has a retaining bracket held by an additional stud and bolt. Our upper shock absorbers are approximately in 5 kg weight. Upper Shock Absorbers  that manufactured by us meets the highest standards of quality which provides them superior performance for a longer period of time. Upper  and Side Shock Absorbers are supplied as per the requirements of our clients at industry leading prices.

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