Rubber Sılent Block

Our Industry process, produce and offers the rubber connectors, materials and products. Rubber silent block is one of them. Silent block bush are used in suspension systems in the automotive industry. These Rubber-to-metal bonded parts are fabricated from various polymers such NR, NBR, SBR or POLYURETHANE as per its usage requirement and applications. They are very important components of construction and building equipments. These parts are manufactured from high quality steel and rubber sleeves. They offer strong design and construction for using. Maximum endurance and strength features are offered with these rubber silent block and other rubber parts. Especially rubber silent blocks are mounted in automobiles and used in automative sector. Cylindrical, collar and flange type silent blocks and bushes are available. Rubber is moulded and is pushed inside space between two sleeves and further vulcanized at steady pressure and temperature. Silent block bushings are specially designed for torsional movement, axial and radial load. In big fabrics rubber silent blocks and bushings serve for vibrating and oscillating systems. For import and export products these rubber parts are very important. Processing, producing and other Works are toilsome Works. We offer top quality and high performance with our rubber silent block products.

Rubber Silent Block Rubber Silent Block1 Rubber Silent Block2