Our Industry manufactures and offers range of Shock Absorbers meets the highest standards of quality which provides them superior performance for a longer period of time. Our Rubber Shock Absorber is to provide an uncomplicated solution to controlling vibration and shock, the range of plate mountings provide the answer. Bumpers, shock absorbers and mounts are the most preferred and required rubber and other parts in industrial materials and parts. Their shapes and parts are variable up to their using area and size. Zinc, steel, rubber and other raw materials are used for their structure. We offer superior quality shock absorber with industrial standards and good price/performance ratio. The shock absorbers have been successfully used for several years in elevated stress application pressers, mower and winnowers. The metallic parts are continuously and strongly united with reliable galvanization. Industrial Shock absorbers provide controlled, predictable deceleration. These products work by converting kinetic energy to thermal energy. More specifically, motion applied to the piston of a hydraulic shock absorber pressurizes the fluid and forces it to flow through restricting orifices, causing the fluid to heat rapidly. The thermal energy is then transferred to the cylinder body and harmlessly dissipated to the atmosphere.

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