In general, rubber parts include these items: rubber mounts, vibration mounts, rubber silent block, cabin mounting, rubber shock absorber, ruber buffers, large elastomers, rubber coubling, upper shock absorber, polyurethane damper, rock drill, bellow, diaphragm, seals and concrete pump spare parts. XXX Rubber Industry gives service for years to related sectors, fabrics, production units. The areas of using and application of rubber products and raw rubber material have very large capacity in all countries. In our company, millions of rubber products are processed, produced and sold. With the newest Technologies and machines we produce all rubber parts and products for our all customers. The common part is the rubber products are based on rubber polymers. There are two production and processing phases: typical process operation and workshop type. Rubber is used in automative, machine, coating, cabling, mounting, electric fields and sectors. They must be in high quality and durableness. Most known rubber brands are Komatsu, Daewoo, Volvo, Hitachi, Schwing and Krupp. Each of our rubber parts and products meet high quality and technical specifications to ensure safety across applications. We analyze your need and recommend and offer the most effective parts and products for your application and product. For machine and spare parts companies, we manifacture all the rubber parts. Rubber parts especially are used in polyurethane rubber machine production companies. Building, constructing, automative and machine industries are preferred these rubber parts more than other sectors. Transfer molded parts, compression molded parts, dense rubber, insert-molded and rubber-to-metal bonded products are manifactured.

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