Our Industry Company is one of the leader of manufacturing of rubber materials, products and rubber buffers. We process, produce and offer our products to global sectors and companies. Most preferred and manufactured rubber parts have cylindrical, diagonal, four cornered shapes. They are used for mounting, molding, covering and other Works in industry. Rubber parts are very important parts for production. Rubber buffers are used in door connection, elevator and elevator protection systems, damping products, metal molded products, vibration mounts with zinc or steel, slide protection, shock absorber, crane stop, silicone foot bumber, compression stoper, washer parts, elastomers, damper, bomag road roller, auto spare parts, resistance systems, etc. They are usually in black colour. Rubber buffers are rubber blocks vulcanised to a galvanised steel plate with a central thread. The rubber buffers are manufactured in natural rubber with different densities. These rubber buffers can be fitted as required in either fixed or mobile sections of machinery. Sizes are different as to its using area. Our quality standarts support the European and ISO quality standards. Rubber industries process a wide range of rubber types  and services. In the market, various rubber materials available and confirms material characteristics suited to specific applications.

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