Polyurethane Damper

Our Industry offers available flexible desings, superior quality and high performance with maximum endurance in all products. Polyurethane damper is one of them.  To steep vibration the upper and side polyurethane dampers are in binding use. In accordance with specification of hydraulic hammer and type of rock we can exhibit various hardness of polyurethane dampers, which are in our manufacturing. Strip damper with steel frame, draught damper, floor type air conditioner parts are available in this field. Polyurethane dampers have low pressure, two component structure, casting power of max 10 kg/1min, two tanker of 100 liter capacity, vacuum furnace of 12 m3 capacity features. Also optimum for pad pressure of press tools are supplied. It also has high impact resistance, weather resistance impact resilience and load resistance. It is the optimum product for pad pressure source of press tools. Polyurethane vibration and foam dampers are very popular and preferred in industrial production. Vibration damping is an important part of building machines or working factories. Polyurethane materials don’t substance like foam can be used to absorb some of the energy in a system. They are sometimes used for isolation, but they can also be used in order to damp the amount of vibration and energy in an entire system.

Polyurethane Damper Polyurethane Damper1