Coupling transfers the rotary motion produced in the power plant and also the momentum into another system ( machine, pump, reducer, converyor).however
It should not cause any breakdown or power loss due to the lack of balance
Coupling is also supposed to protect the motor behind from the vibrations and knockings in the system that may ocur in the system
The system could be broken due to or breakups, the coupling should be like its insurance by breaking
The coupling is to be made from Good materials which will necessiate the least maintenance as long as the system functions properly
Coupling as a part of machine, transmits one motion to another equipment.
In order to prevent mechanical vibrations, a vibration isolator needs to be used.Coupling has different kinds such as two-piece, three-piece or based upon the producing company, it could also be multiple-piece. (e.g: shafts)
As they transmit safe motion, they have a very significant role. When they are not used carefuuly they can be the most expensive ones despite seeming to be the simplest and the cheapest depending on the machine it is fixed to.

It could stop the machine often. The whole system stops as it happens in all machinery works if one one of the rings in the production chain is unable to work properly. As it will cause production cuts and increase the losses, the choice of couplings, the montage and the controls of the couplings should be made carefully.
The contact between the motor which is the power source, or the rotating and rotated element and transmit the motion is provided by the elements responsible for connection. To connect or to disconnect two miles, we fix and remove the mechanical connector. This can only be done if the driving mile has stopped.
Our company has all kinds of couplings and can also produce non-standard products.