Our Company including the following brunches:

Rubber mounts, vibration mounts, rubber silent block, cabin mounting, rubber shock absorber, rubber buffers, large elastomers, rubber coubling, upper shock absorber, polyurethane damper, rock drill, special order, bellow, diaphragm, seals, concrete pump spare parts.

In industrial marketing, manufacturing sector, we’re giving service for years in high quality. Our company was established as a company specialized for selling the rubber parts and other related industrial material, part and products. Since some years, we started to import and export services deliveries co-operating with the well-known marks. For some years, our company began an official distributor of well known marks, too. We try to serve your needs on time, with a professional work sight and to followand catch the global market closely, which results in the constant expansion of its exports. We are a leader of manufacturing of rubber spare parts with fabrics. We use natural rubber raw materials with our experience, background and expert team. The quality of the products and their compatibility to standards is due to the use technology and developments, the use of high quality raw materials and the hard work of the employees. Quality is trust and continuity.